• Joaquín Molina paints his obsessions. He draws a silent architecture and insists in a quiet voyage, still threatening at some point. The laberynths, cabala images, and all the other symbols Molina paints are paths to knowledge, so fulfilled with meanings as the signs of ancient believes which have covered his work for years. This is why he choses to work with them, with their representations, becoming himself in a crossroads builder. Sensuality arises in the way he uses matter. Molina is the creator of pieces craving to be touched.

    Thick layers of painting constitute different textures by which Molina is known: they are his signature. Always in control, Molina's wish to escape might be slightly guessed. Nobody can get lost in his laberynths, all of them have a way in and a way out. They are guarded paradises, not consumed nightmares."

    Victoria Verlichak
    Argentinean Association of Art Critics