Joaquín Molina (1956). Lives and works in Buenos Aires.

He has exhibited since 1980 in several galleries and museums around the world.

His pieces reflect the search of an own symbology through previously apprehended symbols. Prized with a Fortabat Award Mention (1988, 1995 and 1997), and with a City Painting Award Special Mention, among others.

He selected, documented and assembled the National Painting and Sculpture Collection, donated by Nicolás García Uriburu in Maldonado, Uruguay.

He is the curator at the Pre-Columbian Art Museum (Nicolás García Uriburu Foundation) in Buenos Aires, and selected, documented and Assembled the Museum’s pieces.

He is also the editorial producer at the Foundation and has edited the following works:

• Precolombian Art, Nicolas G. Uriburu Collection, by Alberto Rex González, 1999
• Uriburu. Southern utopia, by French critic Pierre Restany, edited by Electa in Milan, 2001
• Northwestern Argentina’s Aguada plates, by Luis González, Edgardo Cabanillas and Ricardo Montero, 2002
• Faces of the past. The secret world of masks, by Carlos Mordo, 2003
• The green cultures, Ceremonial Featherwork of the rainforest peoples, by Carlos Mordo, 2005
• Mapuche, Southern peoples Art, by Joaquín Molina, 2007
• Guardians of Paradise, Textile Art of Northern Peoples, 2012
• Antonio Berni. The painter of modernity, by Pierre Restany, to be published briefly.

Among other exhibitions, he was ”Antonio Berni’s 40 years since the XXXI Venice Biennial Award 1962-2002” curator and assembler, at Recoleta Cultural Centre, which received the Argentinean Association of Art Critics’ Award as the best solo exhibition of a national artist in 2002.